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Wooden Swing Sets from PlayNation

Why PlayNation!

Choosing which backyard playground to purchase for your children can be an overwhelming task. In order to help make your shopping easier, we have introduced several pages that may answer most, if not all of your questions. If there is something not answered here, give your local retailer a call and they will address any of your concerns.

What Makes Us Different

All of our swing sets are innovative, well-made, and attractive designs that will compliment any backyard. Our all inclusive, ready to assemble units are designed with components and accessories that are sure to be a hit, while our Lifetime Systems are completely customizable...    (Read More...)


Whether you choose an "All Inclusive Boxed Set" made from our popular Cedar lumber, which comes "pre loaded" with fantastic play features and carries a 15 year warranty,* or you choose a Custom Lifetime Play System that carries a lifetime warranty*, all of our swing sets have features that are unmatched in the industry...  (Read More...)

Premium Wood Swing Sets

Why choose wooden swing sets as opposed to other options used in residential playground equipment? First and foremost, the price must be considered. Swing sets made of wood typically cost more than outdoor swing sets made with steel or plastic. However, the additional cost is well worth it...  (Read More...)


We use only the best grade of lumber available for wooden swingsets. All of the lumber used in building your wooden swingset is strong and durable, giving you years of safe use. All of our wood conforms to the national standards for use in a swingset...   (Read More...)

Safety and Maintenance Tips

When considering purchasing a wood swing set, always consider your child's safety. Most of the swing sets require a 6' safety space be placed around the set's perimeter. This is to ensure that your child has plenty of space to enjoy all of the features of the playset without interfering with any surrounding landscape features...  (Read More...)

Frequently Asked Questions

When making a big purchase, questions are always necessary to ensure you are buying exactly what you want. From general ordering questions to specific installation procedures, find everything you need to know. And if we missed something, please let us know!   (Read More...)

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