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Swing Kingdom's Frequently Asked Questions


1) Q: Why vinyl?   Swing Kingdom's vinyl and decking products are the best and most uniform material available in the industry, our vinyl is co-extruded under extreme pressure to assure a durable and beautiful finish for years to come.

2) Q: How strong is Swing Kingdom's vinyl?   Our vinyl had five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood. By combining the performance of vinyl and the sturdy characteristic of Wolmanized Natural Select outdoor wood we create a swing set that is built to last..

3) Q: Will Swing Kingdom vinyl turn yellow?   No. Our products contain an extremely effective UV inhibitor that offers more than enough protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

4) Q: Are Swing Kingdom's swing sets easy to maintain?    Very easy. If your swing set does become dirty, revitalize its appearance and make it look like new with the use of only a garden hose and some glass cleaner with a soft bristled brush to was dirt and debris away.

5) Q: Are surface checks and cracks or knotty appearances normal?    No. Your swing set will have a clean and smooth finish for years to come.

6) Q: Does our yard need to be level?    We recommend that your site be as level as possible for the appearance and safety of your system.  It is important to have a level area at least three feet larger all the way around, prpared before delivery.

7) Q: Why do you cover the wood?   The wooden structural elements of your home are covered to preserve them, and to reduce maintenance.  The same philosophy is used for Swing Kingdom's vinyl play systems.

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