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Pinnacle Play Systems
About Pinnacle Playset Products

About Pinnacle Playset Products

It all starts with the wood.

Our sets are the most durable play sets on the market.  Pinnacle Play Systems uses very strong and heavy Yellow Pine lumber 4 x 4's, 4 x 6's, posts and 5" x 6" laminated swing beams, giving our sets tremendous stability.

Yellow Pine is much stronger than other woods used in play sets, such as cedar and redwood.

The braces on our play sets are made of wood 4x4's, and 1/4" thick steel for brackets which make our sets very rigid.

Our specially formulated paint finishes make our sets virtually maintenance-free.

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Pinnacle Play Systems are free of splinters because the wood is coated with a thick specially formulated signature red paint that won't crack or peel.

Unlike cedar and redwood, which needs annual staining and maintenance to keep them looking nice, our sets will maintain there beautiful colors and only need an occasional minimal washing and tightening of the hardware.

• Much like the painted finish on your car, our painted finish protects the wood from weathering due to the effects and ravages of rain, sun, snow, and other harsh elements. You wouldn't think of buying an unpainted unprotected car.

• The platform decks are built using virtually indestructible hi-density poly decking. The product is engineered from environmentally-friendly recycled plastic lumber that comes
with a 25-year warranty.

The value of your Pinnacle Play Systems play set purchase becomes even more obvious as the years go by, you will notice other unpainted or stained play sets become weathered and deteriorated in just a few short years. 

A Pinnacle Play Systems play set will keep its beautiful color year after year.  This is where the value of your purchase really shines.

Take a look around your neighborhood and you will see what we are talking about. They all look nice when they are first assembled.

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