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About Pinnacle Play Systems

As a child, I spent a great deal of time outdoors with Mother Nature as one of my favorite teachers. My family didn’t have any modern toys, so my siblings and I learned to be play together, be creative, and explore our world. Back then, it was just our “old-fashioned” way of life. (Nowadays, educational experts call that “play-based learning” and cite it as being one of the most effective ways for children to develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally.)
As I got a little older and watched my father in his woodworking shop, I saw how very much emphasis was put on “old-fashioned” quality and skilled craftsmanship. The men and women in my Amish hometown took great pride in their work because that’s what defined them. Every last detail had to be just right.
Now that I have a family and a company of my own, those old-fashioned values come together seamlessly. The designers, craftsmen, and employees at Pinnacle Play Systems take great pride in creating high-quality, long-lasting outdoor structures that encourage families like yours and mine to grow, play, and most importantly, have fun together. Every last detail has to be just right.
We thank you for taking the time to look through our catalog; and we welcome the chance to help you create the perfect place for your family to make many wonderful memories together.

Dan Schlabach, President
Pinnacle Play Systems

  • We designed Pinnacle Play Systems to be challenging, versatile, fun, and above all, safe for children from toddlers to preteens.
  • Our modular designs give you the flexibility to select a model that’s right for your children now….and expandable to adapt and grow with your children in the future.
  • We take your child’s safety very seriously. Our Production Manager, who is also very involved in the design of our units, is certified as a Playground Safety Inspector by the National Recreation and Park Association.
  • We stand behind what we make and so we offer a 5 year limited warranty on your Pinnacle Play System; the Wolmanized® L3 Outdoor® Wood has a limited lifetime warranty against rot and decay!
  • Look for the Pinnacle Play System Name, it's your guarantee you’re buying the best quality play system for your family.

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