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Gorilla Playsets Features & Benefits

Quality Lumber

At Gorilla Playsets we use only the finest hand selected lumber available. Our lumber comes from “Certified” forests which have been approved to be harvested and replanted so that these resources remain sustainable. When you choose a swing set made by Gorilla Playsets, not only can you be certain that our lumber is strong, durable, and conforms to all national standards for use in children’s play equipment, but you can also be confident that you are making an environmentally sensible, and “green” choice..


Premium Preserved Pine

Gorilla Playset - Premium Perserved Pine

Our Premium Preserved Pine is double kiln dried. We utilize this process to minimize shrinkage, warping, and cupping. Because our pine has been “preshrunk”, the hardware used to assemble your playset will hold tight, stay tight, and won’t loosen or weaken. Our Preserved Pine is clean, odorless, non-staining, and non-irritating to humans, animals, or plants. Gorilla’s ™ Preserved Pine uses one of the only exterior wood preservation systems that is EPA approved. Our pine lumber is preserved with a preservative system containing copper and quaternary compounds to protect against termite attack and fungal decay. Our Premium Preserved Pine can withstand harsh weather conditions and is effective for decades, Making Gorilla Playsets the best choice in pine lumber built swing sets.


California Redwood and Western Red Cedar

Gorilla Playset - California Redwood & Western Red Cedar 

Our Beautiful California Redwood and Western Red Cedar play sets are a natural alternative to preserved lumber. California Redwood naturally resists decay caused by the environment or by insect infestation while Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for purposes where an attractive appearance and resistance to weather is important. All California Redwood and Western Red Cedar Gorilla Playsets receive a factory stain and sealant process. To maintain this aesthetic appeal, it is recommended that you seal your redwood and cedar play set once per year.   


Western Red Cedar and Asian Fir Roofs

Gorilla Playset - Western Red Cedar & Asian Fir Roofs

Outstanding beauty and naturally durable, Western Red Cedar has one of the longest life pans of any North American softwood. Highly durable and resistant to rot and infestation, Asian Fir is quickly becoming a natural choice for applications where a stable barrier against the elements is needed. Gorilla Playsets is committed to using only the best woods available for its wood roofs. Our tongue and groove roof system features an interlocking design that not only makes installation a breeze, but also assures that your roof maintains a uniform appearance while keeping the elements out. It's these characteristics combined with a factory stain and sealant process that makes Gorilla Playsets wood roofs simply the best looking, most durable wood roofs available.   


Maintenance-Free Poly Coated Wooden Beams

Gorilla Playset - Poly Coated Wooden Beams

Many of our Gorilla Playsets™ use maintenance-free poly coated wooden beams for a splinter-free and weather resistant finish. These lumber components are treated against termites and dry rot, and then they are coated and sealed permanently. The treatment does not contain any heavy metals or arsenic, is environmentally safe, and harmless to humans and pets. The coating process is a copolymer polyethylene that has superior Ultraviolet (UV) stabilization properties and will not yellow, split, chip, crack, peel, or blister in any climate. 


Ready to Assemble

Gorilla Playset - Premium Wood Selection

We start with Premium Pine or Redwood. We then take care of the hard part for you by measuring, cutting, and sanding all of the wood. Main components are pre-drilled and holes are counter-sunk for safety. By receiving pre-milled lumber, assembly times are up to 70% faster than other playsets. 


Maintenance-Free Poly Coated Wooden Beams

Gorilla Playset - Poly Coated Wooden Beams

Many of Gorilla Playsets ™ use poly coated wooden beams for a maintenance-free, splinter-free, and weather resistant alternative. These beams use a SPF grade Fir lumber that is protected throughout from dry rot and termites. Poly coating is UV stabilized and will not fade in sunlight.  


Safer Features

Gorilla Playset - Safer Features - Ladder

Angled ladders with flat wide steps, unlike traditional vertical dowel and rung ladders are just the beginning. All of our play systems, add-ons, and accessories are designed to voluntarily meet ASTM standards and specifications. Just another way that Gorilla Playsets ™ is looking out for the safety of you and your loved ones.  


Heavy Duty Hardware

Gorilla Playset - Heavy Duty Bolts

5/16 ” diameter and 3/8” diameter electro-galvonized hardware is utilized on these playsets for maximum strength and stability. Electro-galvanized wood screws are used for some non-structural components instead of nails that can rust and/or work their way loose over time. 


Beautiful Canopies

Gorilla Playset - Beattiful Canopies

Our 20 oz. heavy-weight canopy is a marine-grade vinyl that is UV protected, anti-mildew treated and crack resistant to -20 ° F. The canopy fastens to the play system with stainless steel snaps or brass grommets for easy removal and cleaning.  


Tongue and Groove Wood Roofs

Gorilla Playset - Tongue & Groove Wood Roofs

This Tongue and Groove roof system features an interlocking roof design that makes installation a breeze and gives your playset an extremely handsome look.  


The Very Best Slides

Gorilla Playsets - Slides

Our slides are simply the best available. Our wave slides feature a solid single wave design, the widest bed and the highest sides for maximum safety and enjoyment. We also use other fantastic slides, such as 360 degree open spiral slides, enclosed spiral tube slides, and scoop slides that can fit a 7 ’ deck height. The slides are a one-piece injection molded or rotomolded design, with UV inhibitors to prevent heating and fading in direct sunlight, and do not require any additional wood framing for support.  


Gorilla Playsets™ are Heavy Duty

Gorilla Playset - Heavy Duty Construction

Gorilla Playsets ™ Ready to Assemble wooden swing sets and accessories are extremely sturdy. Our standard swing belts are made of heavy duty polyethylene plastic with reinforced nylon grommets and UV protectant. With our 4x6 Swing Beams, Galvanized Hardware, UV Resistant Plastics, and up to 800 Lbs. test chains, Gorilla Playsets™ are the heaveist duty swings sets and swing set accessories found today.  


Quick and Simple

Gorilla Playsets - Quick & Simple Installation

Gorilla Playsets ™ makes your swing set building experience quick and simple. For single swing beam units, a one piece, heavy gauge steel swing beam bracketing system is used with a rigid 4 x 6 swing beam and 4 x 4 swing legs. One of the many features that make Gorilla Playsets™ easy to build.  


Easy 3-D Illustrated Manual

Gorilla Playsets Instructions

Assembly made easy with this step-by-step 3-D illustrated manual. Assemble your Gorilla ™ playset in less time and with less hassle than other ready to assemble playsets.

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