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Playset Periscopes for Swing Sets

Swing Set Periscopes


Playset Periscopes

Do your children like to see far away lands?
Do they like to pretend to spy on you from across the yard?
Our swing set periscope accessory would help them do that!

Whether your child is on a pirate's ship looking out over the sea to peek at enemy ships on the horizon or on a submarine, our playset periscope would be a wonderful wooden swing set accessory that the whole family could enjoy!

Gorilla Playsets Playset PeriscopeGorilla Playsets Playset Periscope Gorilla Playsets Plastic Sunflower Periscopes for Swing SetsGorilla Playsets Plastic Sunflower Periscopes for Swing SetsLOOK OUT!

This unique sunflower-inspired periscope adds a level of fun and excitement to any play set.

There are real mirrors inside to make the periscope work.

This accessory is easy to install and comes with installation hardware.
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