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Pilot Rock Camp Fire Ring Heat Shields
Model HS-M Heat Shield on Model M-32/17 Firering.
Shown with optional utility shelf.
U.S. PATENT NO. 6,553,984
• An optional Heat Shield is available for on some Pilot Rock campfire rings. This shield can be added to new or previously installed Pilot Rock campfire rings to give protection from hot surfaces around the outside of the ring. The 10 ga. x 8" high Shield provides a 1-1/4" air gap around the area of these tall firerings exposed to heat (the lower portion of these firerings is filled with aggregate). The Shield ring has a 3/8" wide strengthening flange formed to the inside. Any debris that might get between the campfire ring and the Shield will fall out the open bottom.

• Installation of the Heat Shield requires no modification of the firering. It does not affect any working features of the cooking grate. To order a Heat Shield on a new campfire ring add “/H” at the end of the model number. To order a Heat Shield for an existing campfire ring see the model numbers below.
Optional: bolt on utility shelf Model S5 (See Utility Shelf).

• Note on Accessibility: Current ADA guidelines define the space around campfire rings to provide 48 inches of clearance. Exceptions can reduce this clearance to 36 inches. In these tighter clearances a Heat Shield could provide an added level of safety.