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Concrete Fire Ring
Pilot Rock Concrete Firering - FCB3/T-36/18

Pilot Rock Concrete Firering - FCB3/T-36/18

Pilot Rock Concrete Firering - FCB3/T-36/18
Pilot Rock Concrete Firering with Cooking GratePilot Rock Concrete Firering with Cooking GratePilot Rock Concrete FireringPilot Rock Concrete Fire Ring Burning Lumber
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Model FCB3/T-36/18 concrete fire ring, shown with optional Model GSW-2 swivel cooking grate insert (order separately). The swivel grate can be positioned anywhere in a 180 degree arc … over the fire (left) to completely out of the fire (right). The handle is never over the fire.

Outside Diameter: 36 Inches
Inside Diameter: 28 Inches
Height: 18 Inches
Weight: 425 lbs

• This concrete molded campfire ring has the look of mortared brick. But it’s a single unit design using Type III Portland cement with 3/8” steel rebar reinforcement throughout the walls. It is molded to ASTM Specification #C150. Compressive strength exceeds 5000 psi. The brick-look exterior includes a tan coloring agent integrated into the mixing process so it won’t fade. A clear, gloss acrylic water sealer is applied to the outside surface.

• Just set the ring on the ground or other surface. No anchors are required. The tall ring will keep fires in check and also helps accommodate persons in wheelchairs.

• You must fill the ring with course aggregate to just below the drain/draft holes. This required fill protects existing surfaces such as pavers or asphalt from heat, and also insulates the ground to reduce the chance of root fires in densely wooded areas. The fill also raises the firebed to the correct height for ADA compliance.

(Note: the warranty is voided if the ring is not filled to the proper height.)

Optional Cooking Grate: 300 Sq Inches of Cooking Area
(Meets ADA Guidelines for one-hand operation and requires less than 5 lbs of force to operate.

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